BBC micro:bit Projects for Scouts

The micro:bit is an awesome pocketsize computer which has been given away free to all year 7 students in England. Although they are used in school, The BBC is keen for students to create projects at home away from the classroom. The chances are that your 11 & 12 year old scouts own these and they are perfect for Scout Projects.

What we LOVE about the micro:bit…

  • It has a built in digital compass!
  • Other cool built in tech such as an accelerometer, temperature & light sensor.
  • It even has a screen! – Just 25 red LEDs, but still good enough for showing something interesting.
  • Battery powered. No power-outlet required so it works great in the forest 🙂

How it links with Scout Badges

  • Digital Maker Staged Activity Badge
  • Personal Challenge Award

Project 1: Digital compass with morse code Sound

The display will show N, S, E or W and play a morse code sound depending on which direction the micro:bit is facing.

Project 2: Pokemon Egg Game