The Whistler. Scout Troop Magazine. January 1920. Transcript.

Transcribed by Luke Hall – 2nd Southampton, Emma Pearce – 1st Llandysul, Liz Maher, and Anne Holdorph – 14th Highfield.

Front Cover

The Whistler
The 2nd Southampton’s Own.

Price (Two) One Pence
Number One
January 1920

Contents List

  1. Sectional Gossip
  2. Serial
  3. (Contd)
  4. Merry Moments
  5. Articles on “Soccer”
  6. Troop Orders and Notices
  7. Troop & Patrol Colours
  8. Things all Scouts should know
  9. The Editor’s Page
  10. Questions and Answers

 Page 1: Sectional Gossip

Our first Patrol is the “LION”. Altogether they are a decent patrol but rather small consisting only of 6 boys (Including leader and second). The leader is alright in some respects but not in others. He is rather boisterous and humourous. Room for improvement in the Saints if he plays for them as he says he has. (What hopes!!). He is a good hand at “rounding up” his boys (but he does not seem very particular himself.)

Bloomfield and Stockwell are lucky being two out of three boys to posses the “Dairyman’s Badge”. Scragg has a fine record for attendance only being away when necessary. Bowditch offered a prize of either “Scouting for Boys” or a “Boy Scouts Diary” (Generous chap) Scragg chose “Scouting for Boys” because it was biggest.

Page 2

Farmer Napper’s Treasure
By Rupert Chesterton
(Published by permission of THE SCOUT)

The Old Farmer’s Trouble

“I’m afraid that I shall have to give you and your lads notice sir” said farmer Napper.
He was addressing Tom Saxby, the young Scoutmaster of the Torrington Troop who had just come in from an afternoons shooting, his gun across his shoulder and a couple of plump hares dangling from his arms. Saxby glanced sharply up into the the old farmers rugged weather beaten face and noticed that the kindly eyes were drawn and anxious.  “How’s that, Mr Napper? he asked “They haven’t been annoying you, have they?”  “The old barn has been a headquarters”  “No son, t’ain’t that” returned Napper  slowly.  Better boys i never wish to see but the fact is son, but, the fact is sir, things have been mighty bad on the farm lately, as you know, an’ my lan’lord he be a cruel hard one for his money.  This last two quarters, what wi the wet an’, one thing an’ another, i ain’t made hardly a penny.  an –  an now he ses, if the rent ain’t paid by the end of the month, out i go with me stock sold up to pay him. “T’will be mighty loud,

Page 3: Serial (Contd)

‘Twill be mighty hard, us Nappers ha farmed on this ere piece of land nigh on a ‘undred years” Saxby’s face showed his concern “I say” he cried “that’s too bad, his father wouldn’t have treated so bad. Isn’t the any way you could some money and stave him off for a bit till you could pull round?” Napper shook his head sadly “there’s no hope sir” he replied “I wouldn’t be no manner of use putten him off for a month, there’d be other bills a comin’ along” “don’t say that Mr Napper” Tom told him “you’ve until the end of the month, something may turn. Iff a pound or two would be of any use your welcome —-” “thank ye kindly sir” interrupted Mr Napper and the honest old face flushed. “but I’m thinking a undred wouldn’t the me right. But look ‘ere sir taking o’ my troubles nearly made me forget what I was a watchin’ out for you! I know your powerful interested in old books. The missus was a sorting them attics of ours yesterday and she came across some funny old books in a box. If they are of any good to you there yours” “That’s very good of you can I see them now?” said Saxby

(to be continued next month. It will be more interesting)

Page 4: Merry Moments

What hen lays the longest?

How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?

(answers next month)

PAT :- “have ye a light?”
MIKE :- “yes but it’s out”


There was company to supper, the table set splendidly, when the terror of the house loudly whispered “why don’t you have these suppers when there’s no company?”


Articles on Soccer

P.L.Peckham could do a little more passing to his inside man and not too much dribbling. P L Batt need not be afraid of the bask when in goal. On the whole the team has room for improvement.

(Any questions please refer to the Editor)

Printer’s Pie
(by “printer”)

“Boys Friend” (advert)  a splendid sorry from the pen of a popular author. Begin TO-DAY in the _______ OUT TO-MORROW

“Bazaar” (advert) Why eat foreign bacon? Grow your own and save profiteering every HOME A PIGSTYE

Page 5: Troop Orders & Notices


Wednesdays. 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
Saturdays. 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st
Band Practices. 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

A certain leader has said there is no discipline in this troop  “Never let it be said.”

1920 Letts diaries are 9d & 1s 3d at Smiths.

Irishman – “Three cheers for home rule.”
Scothman [sic] – “Three cheers for bell.”
Irishman – “Your right ev’ry man should stick up for his own country.”

An Irishman saw an anchor for the first time and he stayed around it for three days. A friend saw him and asked what he wanted. His answer was this, “I’m waiting to see the man who uses this pick.”

Continued on next page.

Page 6

Troop Colours

1 st Southampton – RED
Scoutmaster Snook

2nd Southampton – ROYAL BLUE
Scoutmaster Dawkins

Patrol Colours & Cry

Antelope – dark blue and white – Miaw-oh
Alligator – green and khaki – Hoo-ab-er
Badger – light mauve and white – chit-tt-tt



Things Scouts Should Know

When your tea is smoky and you don’t know what to do just stir it round with a piece of charcoal and the smoky taste is gone


(If the cap fits well wear i)

Page 7: The Editor’s Page

The first So’ton were a little too quick for us as they produced a “mag” before us. Never mind “better late than never but better never than late”. We hope you like or serial. I admit it is not very interesting at first but when the boys find the ____ (Hush up Sub Ed: you’re going away secrets) In time we shall be stumped for ideas so send in your ideas as soon as poss. We shall publish them if they are any good. Let us have your real opinion of this paper. If it is a rowboat tell us so, if it is good tell us. All contributions to be given to us any parades.

we are :-

corporal B. Hewitt Editor
Patrol Leader G Grood Sub Editor

p.s if you are unable to read the “mag” through bad writing etc. Please register complaints to P L W Batt (printer) c/o P L G Crook (Sub Ed)