Weekly Programme

The programme shows a guide of the activities we expect to do each week. Please bear in mind that due to unexpected circumstances (eg: the weather) we may switch around some activities or we may decide to do something totally different instead. You can always email or call us if you want to know for sure.

17/04/2018Air Rifle Shooting and Command TasksAlthough it's late notice, we have jumped at an opportunity to provide an evening of target shooting with Air Rifles. Target Air Rifle Shooting will take place over 2 weeks with half the troop taking part each time. The rest of the troop will meet as usual at our HQ. The venue for Target Air Rifle Shooting is 9th Southampton Scout Group HQ. 15 Bindon Rd, Southampton. Date Younger Scouts Older Scouts 06-March Command Tasks (2nd HQ) Air Rifles (9th HQ) 17-April Air Rifles (9th HQ) Command Tasks (2nd HQ) Older Scouts (Air Rifles on 6th March) Younger Scouts (Air Rifles on 17th April) If siblings wish to group together to make things easier, that's totally fine. Just ping me back an email so I know what group they will be with. Please make sure you bring with you the permission form which was handed out this week. It is also attached if you need a copy.
24/04/2018Unnamed meeting
01/05/2018Unnamed meeting
08/05/2018Unnamed meeting
15/05/2018Unnamed meeting
22/05/2018Unnamed meeting
29/05/2018Unnamed meeting
05/06/2018Unnamed meeting
12/06/2018Unnamed meeting
19/06/2018Unnamed meeting
26/06/2018Unnamed meeting
03/07/2018Unnamed meeting
10/07/2018Unnamed meeting
17/07/2018Unnamed meeting
24/07/2018Unnamed meeting