Emlyn Winners 2011

Congratulations to us! We won the District Emlyn competition 2011. Our scouts planned every aspect of their camp from cooking to equipment with little adult help. The boys worked really hard to show themselves as independent young people. Not only did they win the competition, but also the trophy for best cooking skills.

Creative Challenge at Apple

As part of the ‘Creative Challenge’ badge, the scouts recorded some of their May camp adventure with a camcorder. The aim was to put together a video of what it’s like to be a scout in 2011. The video will showcase their skills on and off camera and will be enjoyed by them, parents and friends.
We planed a field-trip to Apple in WestQuay and used their fancy editing software to edit and polish our movie and burn it to DVD.

Southampton WestQuay

May Camp 2011

On May 20th – 22nd we united with the Cubs and Beavers at Ferny Croft (New Forest) for a weekend summer camp.

This year, we enjoyed a vast range of different activities which explore new areas of outdoor adventuring.

We also decided to include some new activities, which explore some more traditional and fundamental cooking and survival skills.

On the camp menu we feasted on rabbit stew and while we were out in the forest we found our own food with a foraging expert, Joe.

On the final day we ventured on a 13km bike ride around the local area. We cycled through the woods, over railway lines and discovered a geocache along the way. An incredible day, and a tiring one too!