Fighting crime in Shirley

This week we ventured out into our local community with Police Community Officer Nicky and handed out gadgets which prevent pick-pockets from stealing wallets and purses. Sainsbury’s kindly let us indoors out of the cold and all our gadget straps were snapped up by shoppers in just 2 hours, well done everybody. We are a step closer to gaining our Community Challenge Award and Shirley will sleep well tonight.

“The Scouts went down to Sainsbury’s and gave away anti theft gadgets that the police gave us. We also had banners and leaflets. You attach it onto your purse or bag, and the bell at the end rings if someone tries to steal it. We had to walk around the shop and ask people for a minute of their time to explain the device. Lots of people said they would like one.”
By Sam

We handed out things to people to stop their purse/wallet being stolen.
How they work… you attach a clip to your purse or wallet and the other to you or your bag.
The clips are attached together with elastic and bells so when a robber tries to steal your purse/wallet the bells ring and the elastic stops them taking the purse/wallet.
When we got back we played a game!
By Stan

Ello Ello Ello

This week we were very lucky to be joined by PC Gail Clarance and PCSO Kate. We had a fun evening discovering about how the police protect our local community and how we can assist in keeping our neighbourhood safer. Everybody took part in a crime scene role-play to see how the police rely on many different people and technologies to find thieves. We are looking forward to helping PC Clarance and her team with some exciting projects in the near future.
If that wasn’t enough, Hannah made a delicious assortment of yummy cakes for all to enjoy. What more could we want?

The skills we learnt move us closer to gaining our Community Challenge Badge

First, Ollie and I went behind the scenes and one of the police women came to speak to us and said ” put these clothes on and take this hammer, and when I say GO, do the acting I told you about”. What Ollie and I did was to smash fake glass and steal fake jewels and run off then we ran to the car. After that we watched a few CD’s of robbers running from policemen and they were being watched by a helicopters camera. Then we had some drinks at the end of the evening.We all enjoyed the evening and want to do it again!!!
by Joe